The new dataHUB serves as a link between controllers from various manufacturers and IT systems such as MES, ERP and Scada systems. To record historical information, a configurable SQL database interface has been integrated into the dataHUB. Thanks to the security features of OPC UA, your machine data can be called up securely and up-to-date at any time.


  • Latest OPC UA Runtime
  • Enumeration Data Types
  • New web Administration




Technical SpecificationsCommercial Datarequest
- Symbolic PLC variables
- Connection to SQL databases
- Data recording in CSV format
- Secure data communication
- Variety at Communication Drivers
- Data point import
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Complementary Software Packages - OPC UA Products

BT-CON-2001OPC UA Consulting - Training and services for OPC Unified Architecture
BT-CON-1021Automation Studio OPC UA Server Dynamic –Dynamic node structure, expandable at runtime
BT-CON-1022Automation Studio OPC UA Server Siemens - Simple data access by symbolic addressing
BT-CON-1023Automation Studio OPC UA Server Weidmüller - Symbolic data access to Weidmüller u-remote
BT-CON-1024Automation Studio OPC UA Server Allen Bradley- High-performance data access from AB and Rockwell controllers
BT-UA-1031BTech OPC UA Server SDK - Development package for the implementation of OPC-UA server applications
BT-UA-1032BTech OPC UA Client SDK - Development package for the implementation of OPC-UA client applications