Bichler Technologies is a member of the OPC Foundation


The OPC Foundation is the world’s leading community for industrial interoperability solutions, based on the so-called “OPC Companion Specifications”. Bichler Technologies is a full corpomemberrate of this organization. Bichler Technologies is committed to a standardized data exchange in the industry 4.0 environment and has the best possible access to all OPC UA specifications and tools.

The data exchange protocol OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) has become indispensable in today’s highly complex and networked business world. OPC technologies enable information and data to be exchanged easily and securely between different platforms and machines and thus integrate different manufacturing systems.

Ask an Expert

Bichler Technologies is not only a member of the OPC Foundation but also offers OPC UA services to interested vendors or organisations.
CEO Mr. Hannes Bichler is a solution specialist for the development of customized electronic assemblies in the industrial and automation sector and your expert for:

  • Information Modeling
  • Application Design
  • Training
  • Implementation Support