BTech OPC UA Server – SDK

The package was developed in Java to achieve the best possible platform independence. To make it easier for you to get started with the new “Unified Architecture”, the SDK has been released as a Java package for download.

Technical Data
Programming language:JavaServer_SDK
Framework:ab JDK 1.6 SE und SE Embedded
Platform:Linux Embedded, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Architektur:x86, x64, ARM v6 - v7
Development environment:Eclipse Indigo 3.7M3 Standard
Factes:Unified Architecture 1.01
Publication date:09. Jun 2015
Support:10 Support Einheiten

Complementary Software Packages - OPC UA Products

Automation Studio One- Configuration tool for all BTech-Studio products
Automation Studio OPC UA Server Weidmüller - Symbolic data access to Weidmüller u-remote
Automation Studio OPC UA Server Siemens - Simple data access by symbolic addressing
Automation Studio OPC UA Server Allen Bradley - High-performance data access to AB and Rockwell controllers
BTech OPC UA Client SDK - Development package for the implementation of OPC UA Server applications
Automation Studio OPC UA Siemens Server- Free tool to test OPC UA connections