BT Studio OPC UA Server – OPC UA Middleware

OPC UA servers are standardized software interfaces for data exchange between control and IT systems or between IT systems from different manufacturers. Our OPC UA Server products offer you flexible information models, high performance in data transmission and simple configuration using a single engineering tool. Our products already include standard communication drivers as well as database and CSV recording.




Technical Datarequest
- Load model into the server at runtime
- Create Node Structure by Client
- Include existing communication drivers
- Reading, writing, monitoring
- Record historical data, store in SQL databases or CSV files

Supplementary Software Packages - OPC UA Products

Automation Studio One- Configuration tool for all BTech-Studio products
Automation Studio OPC UA Siemens - Simple data access by symbolic addressing
Automation Studio OPC UA Weidmüller- Symbolic data access to Weidmüller u-remote
Automation Studio OPC UA Allen Bradley - High-performance data access to AB and Rockwell controllers
BTech OPC UA Server SDK - Development package for the implementation of OPC UA Server applications
BTech OPC UA Client SDK- Development package for the implementation of OPC UA client applications
Automation Studio OPC UA Siemens Server- Free tool to test OPC UA connections