Automation Studio  Internet of Things  Engineering Plattform

Automation Studio is the central engineering tool for all our OPC UA products. Simply create your own OPC UA project and load it into a virtual device or into our dataHUB. Automation Studio supports them in creating OPC UA servers for Siemens, Allen Bradley PLCs, and for communication with Modbus and OPC XML DA (Siemens Simotion). The included import feature is available in Automation Studio for the rapid implementation of control-related OPC UA servers.


  • Node level user rights
  • Creating Enumeration data types without programming
  • OPC UA FileType file access in development


Technical DataOrder Numberrequest
-OPC UA project management
-Manage Types
-Manage namespaces
-Manage Types
-Manage communication drivers
-Demo server (72 hours)
-Data point import
Technical Data
Programming language:JavaServer_SDK
Framework:ab JDK 1.6 SE und SE Embedded
Platform:Linux Embedded, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Architektur:x86, x64, ARM v6 - v7
Development environment:Eclipse Indigo 3.7M3 Standard
Factes:Unified Architecture 1.01
Publication date:09. Jun 2015
Support:10 Support Einheiten