OPC UA Server – Dynamic – OPC UA Middleware

The OPC-UA Server – Dynamic was developed especially for integrators in order to be able to offer their own OPC UA communication servers on a customer-specific basis. Either create a node structure in the server using Automation Studio One, or have the node structure created by an OPC UA client.






technical datarequest
- Load model into the server at runtime
- Create Node Structure by Client
- Include existing communication drivers
- reading, writing, monitoring
- record historical data, store in SQL databases or CSV files

Complementary Software Packages - OPC UA Products

OPC UA Consulting- Training and services for OPC UA Unified Architecture
Automation Studio One- Configuration tool for all BTech-Studio products
Automation Studio OPC UA Siemens- simple data access by symbolic addressing
Automation Studio OPC UA Weidmüller- symbolic data access to Weidmüller u-remote
Automation Studio OPC UA Allen Bradley - high-performance data access to AB and Rockwell controllers
BTech OPC UA Server SDK - Development package for the implementation of OPC UA Server applications
BTech OPC UA Client SDK- Development package for the implementation of OPC UA client applications
BTech UA Browser- free tool to test OPC UA connections