BTech UA Browser

Our BTech UA Browser offers you many possibilities of the OPC UA specification. Starting with browsing generic address spaces, reading and writing variables and properties, as well as monitoring value changes and events. Up to the reception of alarms, historical data and program calls. Download our new BT UA Browser for free and gain your first experience with the new powerful OPC Unified Architecture.


  • Enumeration Datentypen






technical data
ordner numberrequest
-Connection setup with various securities
-Browsing the Address Space
-Reading the node properties
-Data Change and Events
-Alarms and Conditions
-Historical Data
-platform independence through Java

Complementary Software Packages - OPC UA Products

BT-CON-2001OPC UA Consulting - Training and services for OPC Unified Architecture
BT-CON-1021Automation Studio OPC UA Server Dynamic - dynamic node structure, extendable at runtime
BT-CON-1022Automation Studio OPC UA Server Siemens - simple data access by symbolic addressing
BT-CON-1023Automation Studio OPC UA Server Weidmüller - symbolic data access to Weidmüller u-remote
BT-CON-1024Automation Studio OPC UA Server Allen Bradley- high-performance data access from AB and Rockwell controllers
BT-UA-1031BTech OPC UA Server SDK - Development package for the implementation of OPC-UA server applications
BT-UA-1032 BTech OPC UA Client SDK- Development package for the implementation of OPC-UA client applications
BT-UA-1041BTech UA Browser - free tool to test OPC UA connections